Premier League betting this season

The English Premier League is one of the most followed by football fans from around the world. It is by far one of the most popular sports in the betting world. From Ladbrokes to William Hill, Betfair and bet365, there are many bookmakers that offer gamblers the chance to wager and win big on the Premier League. If you follow the game, the teams and their strengths and weaknesses there is always the opportunity to bet sensibly.

Choose a reliable bookmaker

In order to bet on the Premier League you will have to register for an account with a reliable sports-betting site like William Hill or bet365. Choose your bookmaker wisely. Check their rating, offers, payment and withdrawal options, and payout percentage. Research can go a long way in finding the right bookmaker. Once you’ve find a bookmaker, it is always prudent to start with a small deposit. This is the best way to test the services of the bookmaker and refrain from spending more than you can afford. Bookmakers provide live betting odds which can often change by the minute. In addition, there are sign up bonuses that bookmakers offer to add to the excitement. Check out the full list of the best bookies on

Stay tuned with current trends

Thanks to the internet you can take full advantage of having the latest news, tips, advice and trends building up to an EPL game at your fingertips. We all know that Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, and Man City are usually the strongest contenders to win the EPL. However, every game is different and even these teams are liable to lose significantly during the course of the season. The secret is to find the best matches to bet on. Several bookmakers offer a range of exotic betting options such as first goal scorer, total number of corners, yellow cards, and more. This is in addition to traditional forms of betting such as head to head, total goals scored, half-time and full-time scores, handicaps, etc. Besides, there are sign up bonuses that bookmakers offer to add to the excitement.

Tips to boost your winning potential

The EPL betting market is what is considered near efficient. The final odds offered just before kickoff represents each outcomes true probability. No matter what, the key is to not bet as a fan. You may be a diehard fan of Chelsea but don’t make the mistake of placing a bet based on sentiments. It’s your money at stake so make sure to study the teams and their strengths and weaknesses before you place a bet. Analyze their home and away performances and take note of whose on the bench and if there are any injuries that have caused significant changes to a team.

One of the best ways to pick a team is to watch out for the highly motivated ones. Those battling for a promotion or to save their team from relegation are likely to go all out for a win. The bottom line is to stick to your original betting system or strategy. No system can guarantee 100% winning but there will be winning and losing streaks. Don’t chase your losses and you could end up a winner in the long run.